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Professor Jake Lynch

Peace Journalism

Professor Jake Lynch is a prolific journalist and a member of staff at the University of Sydney








The winner of the Luxembourg Peace Prize in 2017
Professor Jake Lynch is a pioneer of peace journalism, whose work on politics and world affairs is published regularly in publications such as the Byline Times.
A pioneering figure in the field of peace journalism, Professor Lynch shares his knowledge and expertise on the subject in his role at the University of Sydney as an Associate Professor in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, where he teaches two units of study: Conflict-Sensitive Development Practice and Conflict-Resolving Media.
The most recent developments from the world of politics and current affairs will also be discussed on this blog, including topics such as the nation states, asking if the time has come for Europe to step up. As a journalist and professor, Professor Lynch is a well-informed and important figure in political discussions.

A regular columnist on politics and world affairs

Professor Jake Lynch is a skilled writer, reporter and broadcaster, and has also made several documentaries. This blog will explore Professor Lynch’s various publications, including his book ‘Blood on the Stone’. Published by Unbound Books in 2019, Blood on the Stone – a historical mystery thriller – is Professor Lynch’s debut novel.
Papers and articles
Professor Lynch’s books and articles
Many of Professor Lynch’s books and articles have been translated into other languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesian. As well as publishing academic papers, books and a novel, Professor Lynch serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Peace Studies and the TRANSCEND Media Service, and on the International Advisory Council of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research. In addition to these positions, Professor Lynch also regularly reviews articles for prestigious journals, such as Journalism: Theory, Criticism and Practice, and the International Journal of Conflict Management.